If you’re new to face-to-face fundraising, the thought of starting conversations with strangers about the RNLI may feel daunting. Our training programme equips you with all the skills that you need to find your feet and excel in your role.

The RNLI is well known for the quality of its training. We care about every step that leads to drowning, not only rescue. And we believe that nothing but the best is good enough when it comes to saving lives. This is true for training across all teams. Face-to-face conversations with members of the public are crucial for education as well as fundraising, so this role is no different.

Everybody comes to the role from a different starting point with their RNLI knowledge and fundraising skills. We work to bring everyone up to speed and make sure you all feel confident and capable by the time the summer begins.

All RNLI fundraisers follow a training programme that includes:

Fast track training

Here you’ll receive an introduction to fundraising, as well as learning how to set up your location and how to ask for donations.

We’ll give you background knowledge on the RNLI and show you how to apply that to a conversation to inspire support. We’ll teach you facts, figures and useful stats that you can draw on when speaking with people.

And you’ll receive local knowledge training, including learning about risks and safety information specific to some of the beaches you could be working on. Your local knowledge training will also look at the main types of people who tend to visit the area (for example, families on holiday might need to hear different safety messages than experienced surfers who are from the area).

Pre-season training

three of our face-to-face fundraisers 

Here you’ll get one-to-one coaching on the job to help build confidence.

As a new fundraiser, this gives you the opportunity to try out your new skills with some expert guidance, on location and during the quieter season before the summer kicks off.

Face-to-face training conference

sea survival pool demonstration 

This 2-day training conference is held over a weekend in June at our college in Poole, Dorset. Accommodation will be provided and you’ll get to hear inspirational talks from different RNLI teams, have a tour around our world class training facilities and meet the team you’ll be spending your summer with.

RNLI heritage is something loved and valued by our supporters, so you’ll learn about some of the incredible rescues and innovations in lifesaving throughout our history.

You’ll also be briefed on what needs to be achieved over the summer months.

And you’ll come away feeling closer to the RNLI and inspired by the real stories of bravery and courage.

Regional training

In your regional training you’ll learn more about the specific objectives for your area.

Regional training is the week before the main summer season starts. It's an opportunity to recap on all the training you’ve had so far and learn more so that you hit the ground running on day one of the summer campaign.

As well as covering more fundraising techniques, you'll get to know more about your area, including the different safety hazards and people that you'll be working with. There's also time to visit some of our lifesaving teams so that you have firsthand experience to inspire members of the public with.

Continuous training

Once you’re rolling with the job, there may be areas of training you want to revisit and skills you want to develop more.

You’ll work closely with your senior fundraiser throughout the summer to continue to build your teamwork skills.

As the summer goes on you’ll work together with your team mates to share different skills, experience and things you’ve learned.

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