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In 2016, 170 people chose the #BestSummerJob, joining face-to-face fundraising teams. Three of them shared with us their different roles and experiences.

Level 1 Fundraiser

New to fundraising? This is the role for you. Your main aim is to encourage donations and deliver key safety messaging to help prevent tragedies. You’ll be doing this by talking to people and raising awareness of the RNLI.

Yasmin Takhar, Level 1 Fundraiser

Yasmin was new to fundraising when she joined us. She is from Birmingham, so the thought of a summer on the beach having the 'time of her life' was too appealing to resist!

Level 2 Fundraiser

Experienced fundraiser? Our top fundraisers can apply to take on more responsibility and higher pay. You might find yourself going to events or developing leadership skills as you help coach team members who are new to charity fundraising.

Simon James, Level 2 Fundraiser

Simon joined us for his second year running last year - in 2014 he was a level 1 fundraiser. He reckons the qualities you need are: 'to be personable, fun-loving and up for a laugh'.

Senior Fundraiser

Up for a challenge? Our senior fundraisers are known for rising to it. This is a goal-oriented job so you need to be motivated, driven and target-focused. You are an ambassador for the team, coaching and inspiring new fundraisers so that they can inspire others about the RNLI.

As well as management skills, you’ll build on practical planning and logistics skills. You’ll provide a key link between fundraisers and fundraising managers but also between councils, attractions and RNLI HQ.

Anna Heslop, Senior Fundraiser

Anna finds being a senior fundraiser very rewarding. She enjoys the numbers, hitting targets and doing a job where she can see the direct benefit of her work.

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Face-to-face fundraisers are ambassadors for the RNLI, extending the reach of the charity and bringing in new supporters.
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