RNLI Lifeguard in a jacket on a beach

Working as a lifesaver

As an RNLI lifeguard, you’ll make a difference by keeping people safe every time you go to work

What's good about being a lifeguard?


Lifeguarding opens plenty of doors for professional development – no matter what career you aspire to. 

To help you make the most out of your experience and training, you’ll get to work on a wide range of beaches and finish the summer with new qualifications and transferable skills. Your availability for the whole season is essential so we can run an effective lifeguard service. But we recognise that you might have other commitments, such as family care or shift work with another employer, as well as pre-arranged holidays. We’re open to working flexibly around these.


You’ll earn a salary as an RNLI lifeguard which, depending on your role, can range from £11 to £13.05 per hour (based on 2022 rates).


Throughout your time as a lifeguard, you’ll follow an extensive training programme to build your skills – from how to handle equipment on the beach, to first aid and casualty care – and you’ll receive continuous on-the-job training.

Job satisfaction

There’s not much that beats finishing a day at work, knowing you’ve kept people safe – or even saved a life. In 2021, RNLI lifeguards helped more than 40,700 people. You could be part of that team, saving lives and preventing tragedies before they develop.

Hear from our lifeguards

  • Margot Lawrence in her RNLI hat standing on a beach
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    Margot Lawrence, RNLI Lifeguard

    'Lifeguarding is the best job ever. I get to work on the beach all summer, with a great team of people. I’ve gained invaluable skills that are going to help me so much in life. And when we’ve done what we’re there to do – saving a life – that’s a really good feeling. Definitely 100% glad I applied.'

  • Become a Lifeguard
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    Become a lifeguard

    As an RNLI lifeguard you'll be a frontline lifesaver. You'll gain both work and life skills and earn good rates of pay. See if you have what it takes.

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