RNLI Lifeguard heading out to sea from the beach on a lifesaving board

Be a frontline lifesaver

Become a lifeguard – a unique and rewarding job, keeping thousands of beachgoers safe

As an RNLI lifeguard you’ll build your work – and life – experience, get good rates of pay and learn lifesaving skills that stay with you wherever your career heads next.

You can apply whether you live inside or outside the UK – you need to be 16 and of school leaving age, have a National Vocational Beach Lifeguard Qualification (or equivalent) and meet a specific fitness criteria and have a right to work in the UK. If you’re not qualified yet, don’t worry! Find out how you can get qualified by visiting the requirements and training section.

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RNLI Lifeguard on board at sea
About the role

As an RNLI lifeguard, you will make a difference by keeping thousands of beachgoers safe, every time you go to work. Find out what the job involves.

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RNLI Lifeguards running on the beach
Requirements and training
Ready to save lives? This role is rewarding but challenging too. Discover the age, qualification, and fitness criteria for being a lifeguard.
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Birds eye view of an RNLI lifeguard sitting on a paddleboard at sea.
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Become an RNLI Lifeguard and get world-class training, good pay and the chance to work on incredible beaches.
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